Audio Editor, Project

Project Description


At the time of the creation of this tool, professional audio editors had trouble editing large audio files (greater than an hour in duration); taking over 10 minutes to open a large audio file and taking simular amounts of time for various other operations. Weekly audio-review tasks involved editing six of these 1-hour files (2 shows * 3 sets). Existing audio editors were simply taking too much time.


A custom "power user" audio editor was created with a minimal user interface and with editing features focused on extracting and splitting large audio files.

Instead of relying on visual features and mouse interaction, a general navigation system was developed using only two buttons/keys. Additionally, other useful navigation options were implemented (variable speed/direction, markers, and references).

The tool was made for production use and was developed to the point of being useful and functional.

This small project presented some technical challenges:

Coding was done with C++ Builder.

Screen Shot

The look and feel of the tool features custom transparent buttons and a custom minimal time-line display. A full visual user interface was unnessary and not implemented. The background is a panoramic taken in Cancun, Mexico and is displayed at the top of this page.